Glass Table Tops

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Get our service if you need professional glass table tops installation NY. With our help, we can make your interior more appealing.

Installation and Maintenance

Getting some new glass table tops might be an ideal solution for your home. With the right installation, every table can look better. It is a small detail that makes a difference, and it could be a glass top that might change the complete look of the table. For that reason, we are here to provide our assistance. Our team will install, maintain and elevate each table top with great attention to details. Give us your trust and be sure that you chose the right team.

Adding a New Beauty

If you wonder what kind of glass would be ideal for your table, we have multiple solutions. All the way from thick glasses for the table top, to the glass solutions that are thinner and more sensitive, we have installation solutions suited to your needs. If you don’t know what to choose, our professionals will suggest what the ideal solution would be. Just contact our staff and see your options.

Taking Care of the Interior

During glass table tops installation NY, we need to take care of each detail. Interior organization requires making of multiple decisions, and we are not always sure what to choose for our interior and how that option will combine with other interior elements. In that case, we have a recommendation. Using of glass table tops could bring a completely new element that will improve your entire interior. Add this detail to your room and see why we strongly believe that glass table tops are the most versatile companions in every home.

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With the strong dedication to each client and decent experience in glass table tops installation NY, we are here to offer our support in your home improving.

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Q What glass thickness will be ideal for my table?

A In most situations, 3/16″ is an ideal solution for most tables.

Q Is tempered glass necessary for table tops?

A Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass, but it is not necessary for installation process.

Q What is an ogee edge glass?

A It is a decoration glass of the highest quality and it has affordable price. Ogee edge glass could be installed successfully on table tops.